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US Companies lost $1.9 Billion to Business E-mail Compromise and Phishing in 2021

You read that right: $1,900,000,000.00.

Avoid becoming a statistic!
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Business Email Compromise


The Threats

Lookalike Domains

example.com vs. exampIe.com
(that l is really a capital i)!!
Attackers may use letters to register a domain name that looks just like yours but isn't. This can trick your employees or your customers and is often used for phishing or fraud.

Top Level Domain Changes

example.com vs. example.co
Attackers may register the same domain name on a different Top Level Domain (TLD). With over 2,000 TLDs to choose from, this attack is effective and simple

Brand Reputation

Domains can be registered that abuse your brand's reputation. We look for domain names that include your domain name in them so you can spot these names and take action.

Phishing Sites

Domains may be registered to try to trick your customers. Attackers set up domains that look like they belong to your brand to steal their login information. This hurts your customers and your reputation!

Key Features

We provide advanced domain name monitoring at a fraction of the cost!

Domain Scanning

We monitor the Internet for domain registrations that are similar to yours. This helps you find potential threats before they become a problem and helps reduce fraud threats like Business E-mail Compromise and Vendor E-mail Compromise (BEC/VEC)

Daily Report*

We'll send you a daily report to let you know if we found any matches for the domains you are monitoring. This report will give you the information you need to combat risks to your bottom line

* Free version provides a report on Mondays and Thursdays

Intelligent Alerts

We use our intelligent algorithms to filter the alerts to make sure that you see the most important ones and eliminate noise. We want you to be able to focus on your business, not on chasing down alerts that don't matter.

Get Started Today

Get started with DomainAlarm's Free Tier today! Sign up with just your email address and name and we'll send you an email twice a week with the following:

Alerts for domain names that are similar to your domain name using: exact matching, lookalike detection, includes, and HyperLev, our patent pending advanced domain detection algorithm
Monitoring for 1 domain name (Enterprise Monitoring includes 10 domains, not available in the free tier)
Twice weekly alert emails: We'll send you your alerts on Monday and Thursday. Enterprise customers get daily alerts.
We also offer Enterprise Subscriptions which include the following:
Certificate Transparency List (CTL) Monitoring: monitor for domains targeting yours using TLS/SSL Certificates
Ignore Words/Patterns: Reduce the daily clutter in alerts
Priority Words/Patterns: Raise the most critical alerts to the top of your list
Alert Explorer Tool Access: See screenshots and technical information about your alerts without having to visit the suspicious website
Please Contact Us if you are interested in discussing Enterprise options, or email contact@domainalarm.net

Why Us?

DomainAlarm was created by Ryan Victory and Matt Meis after their extensive experience working in Cyber Security. In 2018, we designed and implemented a wire fraud detection solution from the ground up at a systemically important bank in the US, preventing millions of dollars in fraud. We saw first-hand the impact of phishing and business email compromise (BEC) and were also disappointed that the current solutions were so expensive, so we built DomainAlarm to provide domain monitoring and security to as many organizations as possible.

Proudly based out of Stevens Point, Wisconsin


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