Business Email Compromise / Spoofing (BEC/BES) Domain Name Feed

Feed Details

Throughout our monitoring, we often identify large numbers of domain names that we believe are related to BEC/BES fraud. We provide this feed when we have hits so you can help block these domains and help to stop BEC/BES.

Feed is updated daily.Please do not request the feed more than once per day!


The feed consists of the following fields:
domain_name - The Name of the domain in question
tld - The top level domain (TLD) for this domain name
nameservers - The Nameservers that serviced this domain name at the time it was identified
source - The name of the organization or system that reported this data
day - The day this data belongs to

Today's Data

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Previous/Archived Data

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Row 1 Description Description Description
Row 2 Description Description Description
Row 3 Description Description Description
Row 4 Description Description Description

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